Vasculyse Treatments

Unsightly skin irregularities can be a source of self-consciousness for many, but Ethos Rejuvenation Centre offers an effective solution: Vasculyse. This high-tech Vasculyse procedure specializes in addressing unwanted skin blemishes, from distended capillaries to skin tags.

First treatment for 45 minutes $99 | Subsequent treatments | 45 minutes $99 | 30 minutes $89 | 15 minutes $69

HOW DOES Vasculyse treatment WORK?

Vasculyse is the brand name of advanced esthetic equipment designed to address surface skin irregularities. It harnesses the power of a mild current to induce coagulation within the distended (broken) capillary, turning the fluid within it into a solid mass. This treatment, known as Capillary Coalysis, facilitates the body’s absorption of the unused capillary, thus eliminating it.

Addressing a Spectrum of Skin Concerns

The Vasculyse non-invasive treatments are not limited to just one type of skin irregularity. They can address:

  • Distended Capillaries: Often referred to as broken capillaries, these are tiny blood vessels that appear as blue or red threads on the skin’s surface.
  • Skin Tags: Small, benign growths that protrude from the skin.
  • Cholesterol Deposits: Yellowish fatty bumps that often appear around the eyes.
  • Ruby Angeomas.

Safety and Efficacy: Is the Vasculyse Procedure Safe?

Absolutely. Ethos Rejuvenation Centre prioritizes the safety and well-being of its clients. The sterile stylus tips used during the Vasculyse procedure are disposable and are designated for one-time use per patient. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, scarring is not a concern as the procedure only affects the surface skin and does not penetrate deeper layers.

Permanent Results with Vasculyse

One of the standout features of the Vasculyse treatment is its permanence. Once treated, skin tags, distended capillaries, and other blemishes will not return. While new skin irregularities may emerge in other areas over time, those addressed by Vasculyse will remain clear. Depending on the type and severity of the blemish, patients may require 1 to 3 treatments to achieve the desired outcome.

Experience and Aftercare: What to Expect

The Vasculyse procedure is known for being one of the most painless procedures in the realm of skincare. While some patients might feel a slight burning or pricking sensation due to the mild current, most find the experience quite tolerable. After the treatment, patients can expect some tiny scabs, which will heal within 3 to 21 days without leaving any scars. As the body heals, the eliminated capillary is replaced by a new, healthy capillary, enhancing the overall health of the skin.

Post-treatment, Ethos Rejuvenation Centre provides detailed aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and optimal results. The centre’s commitment to patient care extends beyond the treatment room, with Complimentary skin consultations available for those looking to understand their skin better and seek expert advice.

Discover Clearer, Healthier Skin with Ethos Rejuvenation Centre

Ethos Rejuvenation Centre prides itself on offering the latest in skincare technology to address embarrassing skin conditions and boost clients’ confidence. The Vasculyse treatment stands as a testament to this commitment. Whether you’re looking to address dilated capillaries, undergo skin tag removal, or tackle other skin blemishes, Ethos Rejuvenation Centre’s high-tech Vasculyse treatments offer a safe and effective solution.

Know More About Our Vasculyse Treatment in London, Ontario

How does the Vasculyse work?

VascuLyse is the brand name of advanced esthetic equipment that uses a mild current to induce coagulation (turns fluids into a solid mass) within the distended (broken) capillary. The body then absorbs the unused capillary. This treatment is called Capillary Coalysis, the process by which unsightly, distended capillaries are absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes! The sterile stylus tips are disposable and are only used once per patient. We make sure it is performed by one of our trained professionals who take all the proper steps to ensure you are safe. Scarring is not possible as the skin is not penetrated, the procedure is surface base only.

Is it permanent?

Treated capillaries or skin tags will not return. New ones may appear somewhere else, but treated blemishes will not be an issue anymore! Depending on the blemish being treated, you may need 1 to 3 treatments.

Is the Treatment painful?

This non-invasive procedure is relatively painless and quick. It uses mild currents that may result in some patients to feel a slight burning or pricking sensation. This non-invasive procedure is relatively painless and quick. It uses mild currents that may result in some patients to feel a slight burning or pricking sensation.

What to expect after the treatment?

After the procedure there is aftercare that will be explained in detail to ensure proper healing. Any tiny scabs will heal within 3 to 21 days. There is never any scarring. The eliminated capillary is eventually replaced by a new, healthy capillary thus improving the skin’s health!

What is Capillary Coalysis?

Capillary Coalysis is the process by which unsightly, distended capillaries are absorbed and eliminated by the body using Vasculyse's mild current.

How long does each Vasculyse session last?

The first treatment session lasts 45 minutes and costs $99. Subsequent sessions can vary in length: 45 minutes ($99), 30 minutes ($89), or 15 minutes ($69).

Is the Vasculyse procedure painful?

Most patients find the procedure relatively painless, although some might experience a mild burning or pricking sensation.

Do treated blemishes return?

Once a blemish is treated with Vasculyse, it will not return. However, new blemishes might appear in other areas over time.

Are there any side effects post-treatment?

Some patients might notice tiny scabs post-treatment, but these heal within 3 to 21 days without leaving any scars.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

Depending on the skin irregularity being treated, most patients require 1 to 3 sessions for optimal results.

Is Vasculyse suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Vasculyse treatments are effective for various skin types, and our trained professionals ensure each treatment is tailored to the client's specific needs.

Can I avail a consultation before undergoing the treatment?

Yes, Ethos Rejuvenation Centre offers Complimentary skin consultations to discuss and understand the treatment better.

Revitalize Your Skin's Appearance with Ethos Rejuvenation Centre

With state-of-the-art treatments like Vasculyse, Ethos Rejuvenation Centre in London, Ontario, stands at the forefront of skincare innovation. Entrust your skin’s health to our experts and experience a transformation that not only enhances your appearance but also uplifts your confidence.

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