Microdermabrasion in London, Ontario

Microdermabrasion is an advanced facial skin treatment that targets a range of skin conditions to give individuals a more radiant complexion. At Ethos Rejuvenation Centre, we offer this cutting-edge treatment, ensuring you receive the best care in London, Ontario.

Pricing Starts at $95/treatment | Procedure Time: 45 minutes | Recovery Time: None

Why Microdermabrasion and what it does?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive anti-aging skin resurfacing treatment designed to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Utilizing a high-speed crystal-tipped machine, the process gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells from the top layer. This action promotes the production of new skin cells, resulting in glowing, younger-looking skin.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

  1. Tackling Acne and Acne Scars: Acne-prone skin can benefit from microdermabrasion treatments, as the procedure helps reduce the appearance of acne scars. By eliminating the outer layer of dead skin, the treatment allows newer, healthier skin to emerge.
  2. Improving Skin Tone: Uneven skin tone, whether caused by sun damage or other factors, can be addressed with microdermabrasion. The procedure aids in skin tone improvement, reducing areas of discoloration.
  3. Revitalizing Sun-Damaged Skin: Exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging, causing the skin to look dull and tired. Microdermabrasion effectively targets sun-damaged skin, rejuvenating and revitalizing it.
  4. Enhancing Skin Texture: By getting rid of dead skin cells, microdermabrasion leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

The Ethos Rejuvenation Centre Experience

Procedure Details

  • Pricing: Starts at $95/treatment
  • Procedure Time: 45 minutes
  • Recovery Time: None

During the microdermabrasion treatment, our skilled technicians perform extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, and apply custom masks, serums, and more, tailored to your specific skin type. The entire process is painless, ensuring a comfortable experience for our clients.

Post-Treatment Care

After your Microdermabrasion treatment at Ethos, our technicians will provide a comprehensive skin consultation. They’ll offer a medical skin care routine to aid in healing and ensure the longevity of the treatment’s effects. Our team will assist in developing a skin care plan that addresses your unique needs, ensuring healthier skin and a lasting glow.

Why Ethos Rejuvenation Centre?

At Ethos Rejuvenation Centre, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of facial skin treatments in London, Ontario. Our team is dedicated to offering safe, non-invasive solutions that deliver desired aesthetic outcomes. When you choose Ethos for your microdermabrasion treatment, you’re not just getting a procedure; you’re getting a routine tailored to your skin’s specific needs. With our expertise, achieving real, tangible results is closer than you think.

Know more about Microdermabrasion

Is there any downtime after the treatment?

Microdermabrasion treatments at Ethos have no downtime. Clients can immediately resume their regular activities post-treatment.

Are there any risks associated with microdermabrasion?

Post-treatment, some individuals might experience skin redness or a flushed appearance, which usually resolves within an hour. On rare occasions, minor bruising might occur.

How is the treatment performed?

Our treatment involves a high-speed crystal-tipped machine that gently exfoliates the skin. The session also includes extractions, lymphatic drainage massage, custom masks, serums, and more.

Is this treatment painful?

No, the microdermabrasion treatment at Ethos is entirely painless.

How often should you perform this treatment?

For optimal results, we recommend undergoing this treatment once a month.

What can I expect post-treatment?

After the procedure, our technician will guide you on a medical skin care routine to support your skin's healing. This routine will be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why is Ethos Rejuvenation Centre recommended for microdermabrasion?

We provide a wide range of safe, non-invasive facial skin treatments that cater to today's in-demand aesthetic needs. Our routines are customized to your skin’s specific requirements, ensuring the best outcomes.

Can microdermabrasion help with acne scars?

Yes, acne-prone skin can benefit from microdermabrasion treatments, as it helps in reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Achieving Your Best Skin with Ethos Rejuvenation Centre

Choosing the right treatment for your skin can be a daunting task, but with Ethos Rejuvenation Centre, you’re in expert hands. Our microdermabrasion treatments are designed to address a range of skin conditions, ensuring you walk out with a rejuvenated complexion. Trust in our expertise and experience the transformation today.

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