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Solutions for Advanced Skin Care


Hydra Nourishing Facial this super hydrating facial includes, nourishing aromatic cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, aromatic facial massage, and hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen to finish. This facial soothes and heals leaving it brighter and more youthful.

Detox Teen Facial helps even out the texture of your skin, we start with two deep antibacterial cleansings, active exfoliation, extractions and purifying moisturizer to finish. With this facial you are on your way to clear and healthy skin.

Man-Made Facial this facial addresses the concerns men have with their skin, this treatment starts out with deep cleansing, a gentle exfoliation, extractions, face, neck and shoulder massage, finishing with a hydrating moisturizer, this facial will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Glow on the Go is a great booster treatment to refresh and brighten your complexion in between your regular facials. A gentle bamboo enzyme peel will lightly exfoliate your skin. And then Microdermabrasion is used for a deeper exfoliation. Moisture whip infusion.

$99 Each – 45 Minutes

Forever Youth

Great for Men and Women. This facial was designed for clients who would like to see visible instant result without the invasive cosmetic procedures. This stimulating treatment infused with several serums that tone and firm the elasticity of the skin. With Muscle stimulation and Infusion of collagen serums during the microcurrent phase your skin is left firmer, lifted and vibrant. Instantly.

• Cleansing • Stimulating Firming Enzyme Mask
• Extractions
• A cocktail of Vitamin C and E peptide infused compress
• Microdermabrasion (skin is exfoliated with crystals to reveal a fresh layer)
• Microcurrent technology infusion of collagen and toning serums and lymphatic drainage
• Non-surgical face lift (electronic muscle stimulation • Aromatic Massage
• Specialized Collagen Mask • Hand and foot massage
• Optimum Lift Moisturizer and Eye Gel with Sunscreen

$229 – 2 Hours

Ethos Custom Rejuvenation

This Specialized Facial is Customized for your own skin’s specific needs. Everyone’s skin is unique and has different concerns. Your skin care specialist will assess your skin and develop a protocol and product recommendations that target your specific issues. The Skin care Specialist will look at your work environment, hormone and stress to properly asses your skin. Ethos Custom Rejuvenation Facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed, luminous and of course rejuvenated.

• 2 Deep Cleanses • Specialized Enzyme/Exfoliant
• Extractions • Stabilizing lotion for PH stability
• Customized cocktail compress with biodomes which calm  and firm
• Lymphatic Drainage Massage
• Custom mask
• Neck and Shoulder Massage
• Microdermabrasion
• Hand and Foot Massage
• Custom Moisturizer, Eye Cream with Sunscreen

$187 Each – 90 Minutes

Golden Age-Defying Facial

Great premature aged skin with sagging and wrinkles and those who are smokers, or coming out of an illness or extreme stress. This facial is how Hollywood stars turn back time. This Anti aging journey delivers a powerful rejuvenation and healing powers from a high concentration of stem cell growth factor cells infused into the skin and gold infusion mask with Hyaluronic acid. Absolute luminosity, hydration, repair, softness and firmness brought to your skin.

• Venus stem cell facial
• Eye stem cell booster
• Microdermabrasion for face, neck and décolleté
• Unique GFH Venus stem cell serum and Gold Fusion accelerators
• Aromatic face and shoulder massage
• Golden Mask infused with Hyaluronic Acid
• Venus Freeze, plus tightening and firming

$299 – 135 Minutes

• Add $489 for a series of four more Venus Freeze plus treatments

Facial Treatments for Youthful and Radiant Skin

Purifying Acne Treatment

This facial has been designed specifically for acne prone skin with milia, black heads and pustules. This treatment stimulates detoxification process from your skin. It also helps reduce free radicals and environmental pollution. Special attention is given to extractions. Healing, calming and repair of the skin is encouraged for smoother and revitalized skin.

• 2 Deep Cleanses
• Stabilizing PH levels
• Acne Free Clarifying enzyme
• Extractions
• Microdermabrasion
• Lymphatic Drainage Massage
• Purifying Mask
• Hand and Foot Massage
• Acne and Detoxification Serum
• Purifying Moisturizer and Sunscreen

$169 – 90 Minutes • Student Teen $149

Organic Oxygenating Facial

We believe that everyone deserves to use effective and safe skincare products, and that we all have a responsibility to look after our planet. This complete vegan and gluten free line is ideal for hyper sensitive skin and for those who are undergoing cancer treatments. This chemical free facial brightens and hydrates dull and asphyxiated skin.

• Optimum facial cleanse
• Enzymatic toner
• Gentle Bamboo exfoliation • Gentle extractions
• Brightening serum
• Aromatic facial massage with neck and shoulders
• Rejuvenating stem cell mask
• Oxygenating serum with Hyaluronic acid
• Moisture boost with oxygenating cream
• Hand and Foot Massage

$169 – 75 Minutes

The Grateful Goddess

This exquisite facial, with collagen infusion, is divinely inspired and perfect for the stressed out skin and the weary soul. This Facial will help calm the nervous system and sooth angry skin. This treatment starts with an aromatic infusion of ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender essential oils. Your skin, spirit and soul will feel uplifted and revitalized.

• Hydrating and soothing cleaning
• Revitalizing enzyme peel
• Sauna facial mask, with eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine and avocado oil serum
• Extractions
• Collagen infusion serum
• Microdermabrasion, with added Gommage (an exfoliating treatment)
• Aromatherapy facial massage, with neck, décolleté and Indian head massage. Specialized lymphatic detoxifying oil is used
• L.E.D. light therapy mask for collagen synthesis
• Life cell mask
• Exfoliating scrub of hands and feet 

$199 – 105 Minutes

Luminous Facial

This medically graded facial is great for smokers, and those dull complexions. Excellent for men and women. Shine from within with skin that glows. This combination of highly concentrated ingredients that help the skin get back to a more youthful and revitalized look.

• Clarifying deep cleanse
• Bright and clear tonic
• Papaya enzyme
• Intellabright complex
• Eventone brighten serum
• Vitamin C and E with peptides
• Choice of Microdermabrasion or L.E.D. Light Therapy
• Intensive Recovery Mask
• Hand or Foot Massage

$139 – 75 Minutes

Essential Add Ons

Eyebrow wax and tint – $30
Upper lip or chin wax – $15
Nostrils wax – $12
Microdermabrasion neck or décolleté – $49
Indian head massage – $30
Venus Freeze – $79
L.E.D. Light Therapy – $49
Bright eye treatment – $69
Gentle exfoliation, hydrating serums, golden eye mask and radio frequency

Complimentary consultations are recommended.
Your skin care professional will be able to customize
a treatment plan that best suits your skin care needs.

Before and After of Our Clients after One Treatment

Ethos Rejuvenation Treatment

Forever Youth Treatment

Grateful Goddess

Acne Treatment DUO – Acne Light

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